The Munchkin’s Mission: Local Woman Helping Northern Michigan Wild Cat Population

Andrea Slater has made it her mission to take care of the wild cat population in Northern Michigan. Slater is the founder of the nonprofit “The Munchkins’ Mission” located in Suttons Bay. This Munkins' Missionnon-profit started out of a need to educate the public on TNR programs (trap, neuter, return). Andrea wanted to do best by her feline friends, whether that be trapping, spaying/neutering, putting up for adoption or humanely euthanizing them. She started the organization in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. 

 “It’s a problem everywhere. Cats have been around for thousands of years. The problem is, is that people don’t spay and neuter their animals,” explains Slater. These cats are also often up for adoption if they find the right home with someone who understands and respects the species. “People think that cats are nuisances. Well, the behaviors that are nuisances are the intact hormones. So the yelling at night and the screeching and the fighting, all of that sort of subsides,” explains Slater. 

For more information on The Munchkins’ Mission, click here. 


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