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The Four

Cadillac DeVillains: Roller Derby Empowering Women Across Northern Michigan

A pair of skates and a good attitude are all it takes to join the Cadillac DeVillains — a roller derby team for the greater Cadillac area. These women are channeling their competitive spirit and feeling empowered through their commitment to the sport and their team.

Part of the fun is creating an alter ego for yourself. Whether that be as simple as a name like “poison Ivy” or Thumper, or the personality you bring! They are embracing everyone at every size and every ability!

Erin Guesno joined the team when she moved from out-of-state. She was looking to find a solid group of friends and that’s exactly what she got when she joined. The bonus of joining? Losing 60 pounds and feeling good about herself!

“When I found roller derby I found amazing people from all walks of so now my life is filled with incredible friends that are irreplaceable.

If you are looking to join the team or would like to see one of their upcoming games,