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Jack's Journal: Outdoor Power Equipment

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Sunny, warmer days are changing the scenery around Northern Michigan.

In tonight's Jack's Journal, Jack O'Malley takes us to a Cadillac business ready to help you keep your lawn pristine once the snow is finally all gone.

Our winter equipment took a beating. But it looks like we've made it through and can now turn our attention to the warm weather equipment.

There is so much to choose from. Simple push movers to big fun riding stuff. And at Lark Lawn and Garden, they say big is king.

There is something for every job.  So much to play with and choose from!  Blowers, weed whips, edgers, new suspension, joy stick controls. Power equipment is fun, and they have a hill for distinct angles.  Yes you can test drive this stuff.

And Lark Lawn and Garden says this isn't just a guys domain any more.  The lady's are buying power equipment with value and comfort.