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Bathroom Cameras Causing A Stir After 14 Years

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New concerns are popping up over cameras used in bathrooms for years to stop vandals and other criminals in a northern Michigan community.

The bathroom cameras have been in use at Waterfront Park and in the downtown area of Ludington since about 1999.

The Ludington city manager says this is an issue now because a resident has been creating a lot of buzz about the topic at council meetings and on social media. Michigan State Police also got involved, but determined the city is not violating the law.

According to the city manager, the cameras only cover the common areas of the restroom like the sinks. He also says there are signs informing people of the cameras too.

The city manager says the cameras were installed more than 10 years ago after a number of crimes were reported at the two restrooms. Since then, they have worked in deterring more crimes.

9&10's Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jake Johnson spoke with the city manager and got reaction from the community.