Roscommon Co. Man Sentenced To Prison After Drunk Driving Crash Killed 3 Friends

"I would like to take full responsibility for my actions,” said Gordon Stuck at his sentencing in Roscommon County Circuit Court on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Gordon Stuck, the man behind the wheel in a drunk driving crash that killed three people, learned his fate in court.

Stuck will now spend the next 7 to 15 years in prison.

The deadly crash happened last October on Reilly Road near Tower Hill Road south of Houghton Lake.

Investigators say he hit a deer, then flipped into a tree.

The crash killed Kaitlin Kurtz, Ronald Franks, and Richard Bourland.

Stuck pleaded no contest in April to one charge of driving while intoxicated causing death.

9&10’s Cody Boyer was in the courtroom and he has our continuing coverage.


“This was supposed to be a night of responsible fun,” said Kaitlin Kurtz’s sister as she gave testimony.

Intense emotions inside the Roscommon County Circuit Courtroom, including on the face of Gordon Stuck.

Tears were in the eyes of friends and family of everyone involved as both attorneys made one last argument.

“He sees the impact,” said Stuck’s attorney. “No greater punishment than what he lives with every day."

“He was over two times the limit,” said Mary Beebe, Roscommon County Prosecutor. “He had no right to be behind the wheel of that car."

Then, the Ronald Franks’ sister, Misty Schaiberger, took the stand.

“None of us got to say goodbye to them,” Schaiberger said. “None of us had any control over what happened and it has ruined my family."

She says his daughter, who was born just days after his death, will never get to know her own father.

“She was born three days after he died,” Schaiberger says. “He never got to hold her. And I lost the one person who I could count on.”

The sister of Kaitlin Kurtz also spoke, talking of her son and the aunt he lost.

“I now must explain to him why he can’t see her anymore,” she said.

After it all, Gordon Stuck apologized.

“My actions took the lives of three of the most kind-hearted people I know,” Stuck said. “No punishment you give me today would be as bad as a sentence of guilt, sadness and remorse I feel for my friends and every member of their family experience this every day and I will experience this every day."

Judge Robert Bennett made it clear, he would serve the maximum recommended sentence.

"Four families have been effected by this,” Hon. Judge Bennett said. “This is not a case where a downward departure or delay of sentencing would be just. I won’t even entertain that thought."

Three families…three holes to fill…using what strength they have to move forward.

“Now is the time to move on and heal,” Schaiberger said. “I don’t think any of us can do that until he faces the consequences of his action.”

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