Missaukee Humane Society Watches Out For Dog Disease After Wexford Co. Animal Shelter Closes

"It can be devastating. It can wipe out your whole kennel area."

A deadly dog disease temporarily shut the doors at the Wexford County Animal Shelter.

Now other shelters are adjusting.

The Wexford County Animal Shelter closed Thursday for the next 14 days to a canine parvovirus outbreak.

Other shelters are taking measures to keep their animals safe.

Parvo is a highly contagious disease affecting the heart and other organs.

One Wexford County shelter dog was infected and had to be put down.

Others were placed in quarantine for observation.

Over at the Missaukee Humane Society, they’re watching for any signs amongst all of their animals, including cats.

"It’s so hard to tell because we take in so many strays but we put them right into quarantine,” says Robin Stoffer, who works in the kennels at the Missaukee Humane Society. “They do not pass any other dogs, just in case, because you never know what they are coming in with. You just have to be so careful."

No animals in Missaukee County have shown signs, and the number of adoptions there have actually increased since the Wexford shelter closed.

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