Grand Traverse Pavilions Discuss Bonding For PACE Program

“It would provide all of the kind of day to day needs that seniors might have,” said Cheryl Gore Follette, Grand Traverse County Commissioner.

A new program coming to Northern Michigan that could really help seniors.

The Grand Traverse Pavilions presented bond requests to county commissioners Wednesday night.

They plan to use that money to remodel the old county health building and provide what they call a one-stop service for seniors in the area.

“I’m excited about the quality care it’ll give our citizens that are going to need it as they grow older,” said Dr. Daniel Lathrop, Grand Traverse County Commissioner.

PACE which stands for the Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly.

“This program is a subsidiary of the Pavilions and it’s kind of a program that’s a one-stop shop for senior citizens,” said Follette.

It will meet all of the day to day needs that seniors might have.

“Healthcare, daycare, social activities, basic health like toe nail clippings and blood pressures and things like that so it’s kind of a great idea,” said Follette.

And Wednesday night the Grand Traverse Pavilions discussed $3.5 million in bond requests with Grand Traverse County Commissioners.

“The decision wasn’t about should we do the PACE program or not, the decision was how to bond it and it was quite a complex legal process that took a bunch of resolutions and steps but I’m in favor of it and I think every board member was,” said Lathrop.

The new program will be housed in the old county health building.

“It’s very innovative for them to think of it and I’m glad we’re going to use this facility and revamp it and something we can be proud of,” said Lathrop.

Grand Traverse Pavilions says "bringing PACE to the region is a win for our seniors, their caregivers and our community."

Commissioners seem to agree.

“One of our strategic goals is to protect our vulnerable populations and obviously seniors are a vulnerable population, so we’re meeting that goal,” said Follette.

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