Grawn Man In Custody After Shooting In Traverse City

A shooting lead to an investigation spanning much of Grand Traverse County.

It all started around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday and ended with a Grawn man in police custody.

The shooting took place at the 600 block of the Bay Hill Apartment complex.

The suspect then left the scene, driving to his home on Ewing street in Grawn where he eventually surrendered.

“In the area of 690 Bayhill Drive, a report of someone’s been shot behind the house, unknown exactly what’s happening,” from the police scanner, Broadcastify.

Terrifying moments in Traverse City after a shooting at the Bay Hill Apartment complex that sent a victim to the hospital with wounds on his arm and shoulder.

The suspect, a man from Grawn, drove away from the scene.

“They were able to obtain a suspect description, and based on witness statements, the direction of travel of that suspect,” said Captain Keith Gillis, Traverse City Police Department.

“Our units located the vehicle on 31 South in Grawn near the intersection and attempted a traffic stop. When the officers did that, the driver of the vehicle attempted to flee and ended up driving to a residence here on Ewing street and parked in the driveway and ran in the house before our units could make contact with him,” said Lieutenant Chris Barsheff, Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department.

Police tell us the house the suspect ran into was his.

"We’ll be out near his blue Chevy pickup, should be parked near the front of the lot,” from the police scanner, Broadcastify.

The man surrendered after 30 minutes.

Neighbors were on lock down and the road was closed for more than four hours while dozens of officers, a SWAT team and detectives investigated.

“It definitely happened very, very quick, it went from completely clear road to just covered with police officers,” said Lindsey Weber, who lives nearby. “Really it’s a pretty quiet neighborhood, we’ve got really good people around here and like I said he seemed pretty normal for the most part, he was a nice guy, he would always stop by and say hi to all of us and what not.”

As of now, police are not sure why the shooting happened.

“It can happen anywhere and the way we’re trained is that just because its Traverse City, it doesn’t shock us, it doesn’t change the way we do business. We still handle it the same way you just hate to see it in any community,” said Lieutenant Chris Barsheff.

We will continue to follow this still developing story and bring you more details as soon as we get them.

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