What’s Trending Wednesday: DIY Bath Products

Whether it’s been a long day, a long week or a long month – sometimes all you need is a good soak in the tub to let your troubles melt away.

And because Wednesday is International Bath Day, this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday is focusing on some relaxing bath products that you can easily make at home!

Oatmeal Bath Bomb

Oatmeal is a wonderful natural exfoliant, so if your skin is feeling especially irritated or sensitive these fragrant-free, color-free oatmeal bath bombs are a great way to go! With just a few simple ingredients, you can get the all-natural bath bomb experience while leaving your skin feeling totally refreshed.

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Vanilla Bath Salts

Sometimes all you need to remedy a stressful day is the warm scent of vanilla. So let yourself indulge with these quick vanilla bath salts. They’re easy enough to make with just three quick ingredients: epsom salt, baking soda and vanilla essential oil. Simply stir it up and pour it in before relaxing into your toasty vanilla-filled tub!

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Lavender Bubble Bath

If you’re looking for something a little bubblier, this homemade calming lavender bubble bath should do the trick. Combine distilled water, liquid soap, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin and some lavender essential oil in a jar. You can even top it off with a little dried lavender for an extra refreshing touch.

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