Cadillac Camp Ground Makes Effort to Keep Campers Safe in Severe Weather

The recent severe weather has local campgrounds making preparations to keep campers safe during their stay.

Park rangers at William Mitchell State Park and Campground in Cadillac have been trimming trees and bushes to prevent flying debris.

As storms and high winds approach, they also visit campers and warn them of the incoming hazards.

Ranger Gary Brown, of WMSP, says the most important thing campers can do is know about bad weather before it arrives.

“When you go outdoors, just be aware of your surroundings and understand that storms can pop up,” he said. “So watch the weather, watch the skies, and take action when necessary. Don’t try to ride it out and say it’s not going to be that bad because it’s better safe than sorry.“

If conditions escalate to dangerous levels, park officials advise campers to move to solid shelter until the weather passes.

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