Clare Remembers Amante Young During Celebration Of Life

Heavy hearts in Clare Friday evening as hundreds came together to honor Amante Young.

Amante Young was a junior at Clare High School and a state champion wrestler.

He was involved in a car crash last month in Midland County.

Two others in the car had minor injuries, but Amante’s condition, far more serious.

He passed away last Tuesday. 

9&10’s Taylor Jones showed us how family and friends are remembering the life of a champion.

Hundreds of family, friends and school members came to celebrate Amante Young’s life.

“I’ve never seen you, but we’re not strangers, we have something in common, Amante Young and the love that we had for him,” said the pastor at Amante’s Celebration.

Amante, a loving student, son and athlete. His life cut short.

“Today’s a hard day. After two weeks, we are laying our son to rest to celebrate his life and let his legacy live on. Going to be the hardest day of my life,” says Aaron Schaaf, father of Amante.

His celebration showcased Amante’s life through prayer, song, pictures and community gathering.

Amante Young’s father Aaron Schaaf says this is what he would have wanted.

“Amante is a great kid. He could go into a room of sad people and make everyone laugh, his smile brightened everyone’s day, a great kid. He loved what we did for him, appreciated us called us family, we gave him the values and the family upbringing he needed,” says Schaaf.

Just this past March Amante made Clare High School history when he won a state wrestling title.

His teammates are missing him.

“We got really close through wrestling and he was kind of like a little brother to me, I always knew he would be there for me If I needed to talk to anybody,” says Jared Timberman, friend

His family and friends are thankful everyone could come together.

“I love him, he’s my son, he will forever live in my heart,” says Schaaf.

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