Clare County Animal Shelter Investigating After A Dog Bit A Seven Year Old In Face

Clare County Animal Control, investigating after they say a dog bit a seven year old boy in the face.

It happened Monday when the boy’s parents say he was staying at his aunt’s house on East Oakman Road in Harrison.

Details are limited, but the boy’s parents say their son was riding his bike at the neighbor’s home across the street with other kids, when their husky lab mix bit the child’s face.

His dad says the boy had to get reconstructive surgery on his face and staples in his head.

It’s unclear why the dog attacked, but animal control says the dog is quarantined.

“Pretty depressed about everything that happened, he gets up and he’s feeling hurtful about the way he looks, it’s just worse for a seven year old, it’s kind of heart breaking,” says Daniel Davis, father of child attacked.

“Out of all of this completely horrible accident I hope it promotes awareness that this can happen to any person, any kid,” says Felicia Nichols, aunt of child attacked.

Clare county Animal Control says the investigation is ongoing and it’s unclear whether the dog will be euthanized.

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