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Evart head coach Shaun Gray is holding softball pitching lessons this summer with his daughters

EVART - Evart head softball coach Shaun Gray and two of his daughters, Kyrah and Addysen are holding softball pitching lessons every Monday through August 12th. Kyrah Gray led the Wildcats to a state championship just months ago with her dad as head coach and Addysen was an all-state pitcher for the Wildcats who now plays softball and basketball at Mid Michigan College.

Kyrah talked about how special it was receiving all the support from the community.

“The amount of little girls like came to the state finals game watching and then like all the parents contacting us girls and saying like they look up to us a lot that felt really good to all of us I know that.” Said Kyrah Gray.


This was something that Kyrah and Addysen didn’t have growing up Shaun said. For Addysen it’s an enjoyable experience being able to help out in her community.

“I think it’s fun and I’m glad that I get to like give back and just help the little girls.” Addysen Gray said.

Coach Shaun Gray’s email is if you would like to attend or learn more.


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