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Manton welcomes in Michigan State’s Abbey Kimball and Theryn Hallock for the day

MANTON - Michigan State women’s basketball players Abbey Kimball and Theryn Hallock made their way to Manton High School on Tuesday afternoon. The two Spartans talked to the students about what college athletics are like, as well as answered some questions that both students and teachers had for them.

Kimball and Hallock then played a game of knockout against members of the Manton boys and girls basketball teams, as well as a game of horse with two members of the faculty.

Two Manton students, Genna Alexander and Aubrey Hiller, very much enjoyed what the two collegiate athletes had to say.


“It was kind of inspiring because they like they’re from college and I play basketball, so it’s really cool to see their perspective on things and how they got to the places they did,” said Alexander.

“It’s really cool because we’re such a small town and to like have people that are in a big college environment just come in and talk to us and just showing us like what they do and how their whole college life is like,” said Hiller.

Both Hallock and Kimball had fun telling the Manton students about their journeys.

“I think it’s honestly just a privilege. I mean I both love making impacts on kids and just being able to communicate with them. Like I know for them we’re kind of like a little bit more big time, but to us this means like the world to, like this is what we like to do. We want to do it for the kids. We want to make an impact on people’s lives and just like make people’s day,” Hallock said.


“I love watching younger kids play sports and I think that we need more people out there to like interact with them because I think that women’s sports is growing and I really want them to see us trying to transform the game and that they can do it too,” said Kimball.

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