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Ferris State signs 37 players in 2024 class

‘I’m not looking for D-2 guys, I’m looking for D-1 misses,’ says coach Tony Annese

BIG RAPIDS - On National Signing Day the Ferris State Bulldogs held a press conference, where head football coach Tony Annese addressed the media. The Bulldogs signed 37 players, 25 from Michigan, 11 from Florida and one from Ohio. The Bulldogs are coming off of an 8-3 season, where they exited the playoffs in the first round.

Tony Annese talked about his staff recruiting in Florida, where more people are starting to find out about Ferris State.

“They’re starting to know Ferris State really well, but they may not know us great. So, when I when I talk to them, I’m like, I’m not looking for D-2 guys, I’m looking for D-1 misses. (In Florida) we got D-1 misses because the transfer portal has impacted high school recruiting.”


Annese also mentioned how important it was to get a high number of athletes in the class.

“We’ve got back-to-back good athletes in the class, so it’s critically important. People say all the time, you know, can you match Ferris’s athletes? I think some people are matching our athletes. We just got to keep on growing and, you know, improving that skill set. And if we can out athlete people, then obviously we can figure out how to coach those guys and continue to win.” Annese Said.

The Bulldogs will open their season on the road against Pittsburgh State.

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