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Pickford takes down Gaylord St. Mary in both teams first game of the season

PICKFORD- The Pickford Panthers started their season off with a win taking down the Gaylord St. Mary Snowbirds 40-22 in the first game of the season for both squads.

It was a tough start for the Panthers as Tommy Storey was unable to handle the snap, and Brett Kosckieliak recovered for the Snowbirds.

Tommy Storey would run in for a touchdown in the first quarter for the panthers.


First play of the second quarter with Pickford at just about midfield and Storey would connect with Owen McConkey and he gets in for the touchdown and that would extend the Pickford advantage.

They would go into the half leading 24-0, but Gaylord St. Mary would get some points on the board in the second half, Dillon Croff would get in the end zone for the Snowbirds, as it would end 40-22 in favor of Pickford.

Gaylord St. Mary’s next game will be against Central Lake on August 31st and Pickford’s next game will be against Superior Central on September 1st.

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