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Michigan cyclist ‘traces’ the state in 2,400-plus mile ride for nonprofit

CHARLEVOIX-- Avid cyclist and lobbying firm president, Tim Ward is spreading awareness for the Detroit-based nonprofit Chance for Life.

According to the Chance for Life website, they are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers behavioral and life skills training to returning citizens and individuals incarcerated in local municipal jails and Michigan Department of Corrections.

Ward has seen this program in action first-hand when he visited one of the men’s prisons.


“I saw men who were taking responsibility for their actions. They were accountable. They were very forthright about trying to improve themselves... The people who are in Chance for Life, you know, walk quite a journey to improve themselves and go through that program,” Ward said.

He is spreading awareness by riding 22 days around the state of Michigan in his ‘TraceMIRide’ journey. He started in Detroit and is biking around the upper and lower peninsulas before finishing back in Detroit. That’s 2,542 miles Ward will be riding. Ward makes various stops along the way to spread his message to local media and politicians.

“I want them to understand that people are capable of change,” Ward said.

He is also raising money for the cause; donations can be made on the Chance for Life website.


Thursday was his 16th consecutive day of riding for the cause. He rode 70 miles to Charlevoix then would continue riding until hitting Elk Rapids.

Not only does Ward have to be committed to the cause, but he’s found family and friends that are, too. Currently, his sister and her husband are following him in an RV and act as his fueling station along the way.

“They’re doing a great job. They have their own routine of helping get my equipment and bottles of water and electrolytes ready,” he said. “The camper is our home. It’s their office. It’s my support vehicle and we’re staying in campgrounds around the state. It’s a lot cheaper than staying in hotels, since this is a fundraiser, it keeps our costs down.”


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