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Bear Lake’s Sam Mullet steps into new role as football head coach

BEAR LAKE– Bear Lake’s football program has named Sam Mullet their new head coach for the 2023 season.

This news comes after the resignation of the program’s first-ever coach, John Prokes stepped down after six years at the helm.

Mullet has coached football under Prokes for five seasons. This will be her sixth with the Lakers program.


In her time in football, she’s found herself to be quite successful. She spent summers in Baltimore and Buffalo as an intern coach for the Ravens and Bills.

“I kind of stayed in the shadows and was just like, I’m here to learn as much as they’re trying to learn,” Mullet recalled of her time in Buffalo. “They don’t necessarily look to you for coaching, but they look to you for support, basically encouragement and those little things like, ‘Hey, can you watch me on this?’ Or ‘Can you remind me when we do this that I need to do such and such’ or, ‘I can’t remember this certain play call, can you help me come up with a way to remember it?’ So, they’re not necessarily looking for specific coaching techniques, but just little ways that you can help them be more successful.”

Now, she’ll take what she’s learned under Prokes and at the pro-level to best her 8-man Laker team. The most important thing she’s learned wasn’t a certain play call or style of offense, but how to take care of her team.

“[Prokes] has always, always put the kids first. And so that’s always been a good reminder. Like, even when I get excited about scoring a lot of points or that we just made a really good play. Like, they’re just having fun. You know, just remember that it’s about the kids having fun. And if we win great, and if we don’t, it’s okay,” Mullet said.


As the Lakers come off an 8-1 season, Mullet knows it’s a great mindset to have at the forefront of their program.

“Our kids are in the right mindset where they’re like, we’re not very good, but we could be. So, they’re in the right spot of thinking, we have potential, but we haven’t done anything to prove it yet. So, they’re ready to put in the work, and start making that name for themselves,” she said.

The program will be returning five sophomores and will carry two seniors, one returning and one new.

But those returners will be comfortable with Mullet’s playbook as she says things will “mostly be the same” as when Prokes and Mullet reimagined the program in the school parking lot nearly three years ago.


“We borrowed somebody’s playbook to start with and then we tweaked it the next year and we tweaked it again. And we just got to the point where we were changing. It felt like we were changing all the time, and we needed some consistency,” she recalled of that day. “So, we just sat down, and we were like, we’re not leaving this parking lot until we figure it out. So, we sat down and hashed it all out. And so, we’re not going to go super far away from that, that’s served us really well.”

As always, everyone is encouraged to join the team. In the past, the program has boasted four female athletes.

“As we’ve gotten more and more girls interested in trying to come out over the last couple years, they’ve actually been on the field a lot and it played for us,” Mullet said. “We’ve had them play all over the place, we had girls that played on the D line. And they had a couple of tackles there, we’ve had two that have played safety for us, which is generally out in the open field where crazy things can happen… we just put them where they’re going to be the best fit for our team. And I think that’s really cool.”

Bear Lake will take on Bellaire in their first game of the season on August 25.

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