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Cadillac football enters new era under 32nd head coach Nick Winkler

CADILLAC-- The Cadillac Football program is about to embark on a new era. They’ve acquired a new turf field, and new head coach, Nick Winkler.

Winkler is originally from Iron Mountain and is a former Saginaw Valley State University Offensive Lineman. He will be Cadillac’s 32nd head coach of the program. He previously coached at SVSU, and coached high school football in Alaska, New Mexico, and Wisconsin before returning home to Michigan.

Practice hasn’t even started yet, but the new HC has already left an impression on his team.


“I’ve had a whole lot of fun so far already. He just brings a lot more juice. That I feel like a lot of other people have tried bringing. I mean, we’re listening to music, we’re jamming out, we’re dancing, and it’s just gonna be a whole lot of fun this year,” senior quarterback Charlie Howell said.

“With a new coach, like Charlie said, he’s bringing juice. We’re responding with more juice, it’s gonna be a fun time,” junior Bailey Wade added.

Winkler’s coaching philosophy is heavily influenced by SVSU Hall of Fame Coach Randy Awrey. He believes in structure, having fun, but most of all- ensuring that the boys on his team walk away with tools to become great men. That’s where his 4-for-40 philosophy kicks in.

“It’s what in the four years that each kid has with us, can we help them achieve so that their next 40 becomes great, you know? They’re better community members, they’re better husbands, better fathers, things like that. And, you know, so I guess the 4-for-40 is something that I believe in, and it’s something that I think is pretty powerful,” Winkler said.


Coach Winkler plans to impact the lives of countless Cadillac student-athletes.

“I want to be in Cadillac for the rest of my career, this is this is a fantastic place. And, you know, the people here are great, and I really love it. That’s why when the job came open, I was really excited to get the job, or have the opportunity to get the job, and then get the position or be offered it. Because this is just a place that I want to be, I see myself here for a long time, and I really have nowhere else that I would rather be,” he said.

The Vikings will take on their first opponent, Midland, at home, on their new turf, under their new head coach on August 24th at 7pm.

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