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SUMMER SLUGGERS Gameday with the Pit Spitters Food and Beverage Manager Katie Johnson

TRAVERSE CITY - 9&10′s sports reporter Danielle King and videographer Josh Monroe followed Pit Spitters manager of food and beverage Katie Johnson on a hectic gameday.

This is Johnson’s third season with the Pit Spitters with plenty more to come.

“I started in food and beverage/baseball in 2002,” said Johnson. “So, right when I was out of high school looking for a summer job in West Michigan. I got sucked in...I went to college, come back, a when I was done with college, I never wanted to leave.”


Her favorite part of the job is the working with such an amazing staff. Johnson emphasized how every department finds a way to help each other.

“A lot of other places I worked, they just want to do a job, get out, and here they feel like it’s a family,” said Johnson. “So anything that they can help to do make this job better for somebody else, they will do that...we work as one team just like they do on the field to get something done.”

Her offseason remains busy, even without any action from the Pit Spitters. Turtle Creek Stadium hosts other teams, concerts and events. Once it gets too cold to utilize the stadium, it is time to pack everything up and grind in the office.

“It’s a lot of physical labor and then just planning for next year and taking note of what went really well...preparing us for the three months we have to show out,” said Johnson.


Overall, this job is right up Johnson’s alley.

“I’ve been doing this job for close to 20 years,” said Johnson. “It’s something that I’m used to. I could never be behind a desk. I think I would lose my mind.”

And her favorite concession food is the item vital to every ballpark.

“I could eat a hot dog every day,” said Johnson. “Very much a beef and pork hot dog is my favorite thing.”

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