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Traverse City Horse Shows Uplift Northern Michigan Communities

WILLIAMSBURG-- Traverse City Horse Shows kicked off their 13 weeks of competition June 7.

Throughout the summer, the equestrian showcase offers over $7 million in prize money. Their top events this summer include the Adequan/USEF Junior Hunter National Championship, FEI North American Youth Championships, and the American Gold Cup.

During these premier events, goers can enjoy multiple bars, food trucks, and shopping. Flintfields Horse Park also includes multiple kid-friendly installations.


“Our athletes both human and horse, really love it when people come out and support them. They love to see people on in the stands, on the berms, clapping, screaming for them, they really enjoy the atmosphere. So, our goal is to deliver that for them. But it’s also to introduce the locals to what we do here,” TCHS press officer, Lindsay Brock, said.

Brock has found that Traverse City is the perfect place to host an equestrian event.

“Because of the weather number one. Anytime we ask any of our athletes why they like being here, they talk about the weather. And it’s the only place in their mind to be in in the summer months is Northern Michigan,” she said. “And then the other piece is they make a home here where they’re showing. So, they like to be in an area where there’s things to do: nice restaurants, shopping, places to relax after the horse show ends. Horse show day off is Monday. So a lot of our athletes will be seen out renting boats, paddle boards, going out to eat, experiencing downtown and all the things that the local Traverse City area has to offer.”

The horse shows bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the city. TCHS’ Economic Impact Report estimated that their events inject $120 million directly into the economy through tourism.


Not only are they helping boost Northern Michigan’s economy, but they are also uplifting local non-profits.

This season, TCHS will donate 100% of their general admission ticket sales from each major competition to a different local non-profit. After raising $30,000 last year, TCHS is aiming to increase that figure to $50,000 in 2023.

“Our goal is to have Traverse City horse shows become synonymous with Traverse City and really fit into the community here,” Brock said.

Expected competitors in this year’s TCHS events include some of the world’s top-tier equestrians, at least eight being in the global top 50, and multiple with eyes set on the Paris 2024 Olympics.


“A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to see this high-level of a sport with this caliber of athletes, both horses and riders, in their life. So, this is a really unique opportunity for people who have never experienced this, but also for people who enjoy horses. There’s a really unique bond between human and horse that’s exhibited at horse shows. And not many people get to experience that. So, we love showcasing that and we love having people here and experience that with us,” Brock said.

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