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Grand Traverse Resort Celebrates Womens Golf Day

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ACME-- Tuesday, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa helped celebrate Womens Golf Day by putting on a one-hour, $50 clinic. During the clinic, the women learned how to improve their short game, full swing, and putting.

The celebration lasts far beyond the clinic as all girls and women received 50% off on greens fees on all three of their courses.

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The hope is that these skills last the participants a lifetime, as golf can touch parts of their personal and professional lives.

“We’re seeing, by far, our biggest influx of new players being ladies. We just did a women’s clinic a couple weeks ago, I was hoping to get eight ladies and had 16 ladies in one day. So that shows that the ladies are becoming a huge force in the golf business,” said Mark Hill, the resort’s Director of Instruction.

Through his years on the courses, he’s seen firsthand how golf has played a part in his clients’ lives.

“I have a lot of ladies who are in business and are like ‘I want to go out with the guys and play in the scramble,’ you know, ‘I want to go play in the fundraisers and I feel that I’m not up to do that’ so you know, this is a great stepping stone for them to get introduced to the game of golf and go out there with their coworkers and friends and be part of it,” said Hill.


Janice Nickel, one of the clinic’s participants, has been playing for years, but took a step back after knee surgery, and used the day to get ready to hit the course with her friends again. She says the sport she’s grown to love is made for all.

“I think golf is for everybody. If you’re really serious, you can become really skilled and do it as much as you want. You do find good friends while on the course,” said Nickel. rHill agrees with Nickel’s sentiment.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be doing this for 50 years and the relationships I’ve made in the golf business are second to none... With COVID, everyone started to get outside again. We have a handicap system, so I can play against you with your handicap, and we can go out and have fun.”

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