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Changes Coming to High School Basketball Foul Rules Next Season

The NFHS has announced changes to foul rules in high school basketball that will bring about the end of the bonus.

The MHSAA competes under NFHS rules.

Under the new rule, team fouls will be tracked and reset by quarter. There will be no one-and-one but instead the opposing team will shoot two free throws after the fifth foul of each quarter.


Under the past rule, team fouls were tracked and reset by half.

After a team reached seven fouls in a half, the opposing team entered the bonus. For every non-shooting foul thereafter, the opposing team shot a one-and-one, meaning the player had to make the first free throw in order to be awarded a second free throw.

After 10 team fouls in a half, the opposing team would enter the double bonus, shooting two free throws regardless of the outcome of the first free throw.

The NFHS cited increased injury data in rebounding scenarios as part of the reason for the change.

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