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Manton Twins Create Family and Success Through the Northern Michigan Dragway

MANTON - Sixteen-year-old Manton twins Shania and John started racing at a young age. First snowmobiles, and now cars and trucks at the Northern Michigan Dragway.

Friday, they had their first race of the season.

But a few days prior to the race, the twins opened up about what it is they love about racing and how the sport has helped them grow as young adults.


“It’s hard work,” John said. “[I learned] Respect big time sportsmanship and a lot of responsibility.”

Their father, Lincoln, introduced his twins to the sport, knowing it would teach them discipline.

“All the camaraderie they have with all the people out there and they learn respect for people,” he said.

As a single father, Lincoln has put a lot of time and money into the sport his family loves.


“We pay the bills and then after bills we race,” he laughed.

But at the raceway, the Roots are never alone, as they have multiple “racing moms.”

“The whole race track. It’s just a family. Everybody knows everybody,” Shania said.

And of course, Shania and John have each other. “Just being brother and sister we always try to beat each other and do better than each other, but we always help each other out with it,” John said.


“It’s actually helpful because I don’t know much. They’re kind of the brains of the engine. They know all about it. I barely know anything,” Shania laughed. “They’re teaching me. But it’s pretty fun. It’s really helpful to have someone else there.”

“When I can see him out working on either her truck or his car and they’re doing it together. That’s big for me,” Lincoln added.

All of the hard work and mutual respect has paid off for Shania and John. John has won three straight Junior championships.

As for Saturday’s race, both beat their first high school opponents of the season, and John went on to make it to the semi finals.

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