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Glen Lake High School

The Legendary Glen Lake Coach Behind the John Schlosser Memorial Tournament

MAPLE CITY GLEN LAKE - Excellence must be exemplified in three ways according to John Schlosser (in this specific order): in the classroom, on the ball field, and in the community. An unofficial fourth way is by exhibiting sportsmanship and class.

Schlosser was the head baseball coach for the Lakers from 1972-86. His list of accomplishments include 14 consecutive winning seasons, three conference titles, five district titles, four regional titles, 1984 State Finals Runner-up, “Class D School” Coach of the Year, two-time All-Star Game Selectee and he was inducted into the MHSBCA Hall of Fame in 1990.

A huge list for Schlosser, but his proudest accomplishments were the ones that didn’t even include him. He coached 56 All District players, 29 All Region players, 14 All State players, two Dream Team players and 1 All Star player.


He passed away in 2007, but he is not forgotten in the Glen Lake community.

“We were able to laugh together, we were able to cry together” said Grand Rapids West Catholic head coach and former Laker George Rosinski.

Before Rosinski coached his Grand Rapids team in the John Schlosser Memorial Tournament, he stated the fond memories with Schlosser from the runner-up state final game to babysitting his son, Gabe.

Gabe and his wife Dana started a scholarship in John’s name. The scholarship is awarded at the end of the season to a Glen Lake baseball players who exhibits all of the ways of excellence.


A future Laker, John “Jack” Schlosser is already living by his grandfather’s way as he started his first year of middle school baseball. Glen Lake un-retired the No. 20 jersey, so that Jack can wear it in his grandfather’s honor throughout his Glen Lake baseball career.

“It was my first game and I hit a home run,” said Jack. “And then the inning after that, I got to pitch. Then, I came out and sun started to come out and it was cool to me because it was him. That’s my grandfather watching over me.”

“I just hope Jack really understands the impact that his grandpa really had on sports here at Glen Lake,” said Rosinski.

While John was serious about striving for excellence on and off the field, he still found ways to joke around here and there.


He made the Glen Lake home dugout on the first base sideline to mess with the opposing team. He also put banners along the outfield wall as silly distractions.

There is a motto the current Laker team under head coach Kris Herman lives by: “The Tradition Continues”. The first base side dugout, the legacy of the No. 20 jersey and the baseball team’s desire to be better are just a few examples of the Schlosser impact. But, it is especially remembered on the weekend of the John Schlosser Memorial Tournament.

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