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Glen Lake’s Hogan Siblings: Small-Town Athletes with Big Talent

BIG RAPIDS - Hogan siblings Finn and Ruby are household names in Glen Lake, an area with a small community school in Western Leelanau County.

Eldest sibling Finn walked on Central Michigan University’s football program after receiving multiple Division II offers.

“It’s tough to get exposure up there, and I think people up north understand that stuff like that. .. It was just kind of like, I feel like if I’d have more exposure, I’d have opportunity,” Finn said.


Hogan walked into a stacked wide receiver room when he got to CMU, boasting names like Kalil Pimpleton, Kenny Brewer and JaCorey Sullivan.

“I would not be in the situation I am right now without those guys. They took me under their wing, coached me up when I needed the help and talked to the coaches like, hey, give this kid an opportunity,” he recalled.

Finn is now looking to become a staple of CMU’s offense. So far, he’s seen action in 15 career games with 15 catches for 155 yards and a touchdown - not bad for a redshirt sophomore. According to wide receiver’s coach Paul Petrino, all wide receiver jobs heading into the 2023-24 season are wide open.

“He’s a guy that knows every position. So he can play all three different positions. And he’s just grown and gotten better each day. And he continues to improve,” Petrino said of the wideout.


Luckily for Hogan, growing up with little sister Ruby allowed him to never lose the competitive edge he’ll need to gain a starting position on the Chippewas roster.

“She always wanted to beat me, that’s just how it always was our household,” Finn said with a laugh.

This year, Ruby has made a big name for herself. She helped the Glen Lake basketball team to the state championship and was recently named Division 4 Girls Basketball Player of the Year. Now, she has some decisions to make as the completion of her senior year approaches.

“She’s had such an amazing sports career. She’s way better than I ever was in basketball and all those things like that. So, she’s absolutely destroying it. She also has a tough decision. She’s a great soccer player as well as basketball player so I think she has to weigh those decisions as well,” Finn said of his sister’s future college decision.

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