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Traverse City West Senior High School

Hockey Goalie Mac Smith Shows off Singing Talents on the Ice Rink

TRAVERSE CITY - Traverse City West backup hockey goalie Mac Smith stepped up for his team one gameday, but before the puck even dropped.

The designated national anthem singer could not make it to the game, so it was up to Smith to take his place. While in his Titans uniform and massive gear, the senior belted his heart out.

“I got asked by our captain,” said Smith. “He turned to me and knew I was in choir...and I was like sure.”


Smith has continued to sing the national anthem at games here and there. When he is not out on the ice rink, Smith is involved in choir, marching band and wind ensemble. He plays both the flute and guitar.

“Each [passion] compliments each other in a way,” said Smith.

The musical talent runs in his family. Both Smith’s mother and father were in musicals and his mother is a former Education Director at Old Town Playhouse. She noticed his passion for music at a young age.

“When he was a little tike, he would sit in the car seat in the back of the car and sing along with the radio,” said Mac’s mother Mychelle Hopkins. “He really has been singing since before he could walk.”


Hockey sparked Smith’s interest at a young age too. When looking back on his two passions, there will always be one memory that sticks out to him the most.

“Singing for the first time out on the ice was a lot of fun,” said Smith. “Probably one of my favorite memories just being able to include both.”

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