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Boyne City’s Jack Neer Returns to the Court After Serious Leg Injury This Fall

BOYNE CITY – Boyne City senior Jack Neer was leading the charge for the Boyne City football team this fall, piloting one of the state’s highest-scoring offenses to a 5-0 start. Everything was rolling the Ramblers way, until the team’s homecoming game against Charlevoix.

Neer suffered a spiral fracture in his fibula during that game, a severe injury that required 10 screws and a plate put in his leg.

The season-ending injury to Neer was heartbreaking for the senior quarterback and everyone in the Boyne City program. He had been playing so well that he still earned All-State honors after the football season, despite only playing in five games.

“Whether you were a basketball coach, a football coach, a reporter, a teammate. When you saw the X-ray image of all the screws in there that were going every which way and the plate you were just [like] ‘oh my gosh!’” said Boyne City basketball coach Randy Calcaterra. “It looked pretty serious.”

Neer’s high school football career was cut short, but he quickly turned his attention to making a return for basketball season.

“At first I was devastated,” said Neer. “Then I kept working at physical therapy, trying to come back as fast as I could.”

Neer returned to the court late in December, about three months after the injury occurred. His return to the lineup has been a crucial part of the Ramblers 8-1 start to the season.

“Even when he was easing himself back in at practice, like just the change in the offense, it just flows so much better with him,” said Calcaterra.

Neer’s goal was to return around Christmas, and his first game back was the Ramblers last game before the Christmas break.

“Just getting back and playing with my brothers, it’s so much fun. Being a senior it stunk when it got hurt but now it feels great and I’m excited to finish out the year,” said Neer.

“It was emotional to see him get on the floor for the first time,” said Calcaterra. “It was emotional. Marquette was his real return. He wasn’t just good, he was great in Marquette and was a huge part of our win against a good team. Every step of the way has been emotional and I’m just super proud of him.”