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MISportsNow Top Plays: 10/10-10/16

Check out the MISportsNow Top 5 Plays of the Week:

5. Traverse City Saint Francis football dominated over Lawton, 42-7. The Gladiators’ Jack Prichard jukes and dashes to the endzone with a reaching dive to score the touchdown.

4. McBain football pulling out the trick moves with the hook and ladder. The Ramblers’ Eli Baker is wide open and goes down the field for the touchdown.

3. Farwell football with the interception that is tipped off Kole Ingraham and falls into the hand of Mason Thormeier.

2. With a Northwest Conference title on the line, the 8-1 Buckley and 8-1 Leland soccer teams faced off. Ignacio Creamer makes the long shot, one of the many goals to give Leland the win.

1. Farwell football’s Michael Nunn takes it 19 yards into the endzone. In the process, he manages to shove a defender out of his way with ease.

Editor’s Note: In play No. 3, the ball was tipped by Farwell’s Kole Ingraham, not Rylee Carncross. We apologize for the error.