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The Cadillac Vikings’ Spin on Prepping for Game-Time

CADILLAC — In 1974, the Cadillac Vikings used KISS’ rock and roll music to get fired up for gamedays, but nearly 50 years later the Vikings have their new ways to prepare before kickoff.

“It’s not much rock and roll anymore, but the same idea,” said senior Jackson Hilt.

Many of the players still enjoy listening to music, but the genre style ranges from mostly rap to country. Others steer clear from music and enjoy peace and quiet.

“I kind of just give myself a few minutes to think about everything, just some alone time,” said senior Ryan Sanders.

Hilt stated that he strongly believes in pregame rituals and wears a certain type of socks on game days.

“If I wear something one game and I have a great game I want to do the same thing the next game,” said Hilt.

Cadillac’s head coach Shawn Jackson has an entirely different approach than his players when the time ticks down to kickoff.

“I take a nap every Friday before the game,” said Jackson. “It drives me crazy waiting for the game all day long.”

While the team does not listen to KISS rock and roll anymore, Jackson did mention his appreciation for the band.

“In ’79 my first ever concert that I went to was KISS,” said Jackson. “That was pretty cool my mom did that for me as a present and they just stuck with me as a kid.”