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Red Wings Prospects Run Clinic at Traverse City Heights Elementary

TRAVERSE CITY – Fresh off playing three games in five nights at the NHL Prospect Tournament, the Red Wings prospects came to a local elementary school Tuesday morning to put on a clinic for Traverse City Heights students.

The Red Wings prospects ran drills with the kids and played a floor hockey scrimmage at the end.

The team said it was a simple way to give back to the Traverse City community that graciously hosts them each fall. Red Wings prospect Seth Barton said it was a day he’ll remember by its unexpected bumps and bruises.

“We’re doing one drill where I’ve got to stand in the net as a goalie. So having these kids come down on you and just swing the stick as hard as they can, I got hit in the shin a few times. So I’ll remember those probably, those bruises,” Barton said. “Some of these [Red Wings players] that are towering over them at 6’7″, I’m sure it’s a little intimidating but it can be fun. It’s fun for us and I’m sure it’s fun for them. I remember I went through the exact same thing as a kid in elementary school. So it’s a way to give back.”

The Red Wings begin Training Camp on Thursday morning at Centre Ice Arena

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