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Roscommon Coach Sees Commitment From Players After Tough 2021 Season

ROSCOMMON – It was a tough season for the Roscommon Bucks in 2021. The team won just one game, allowed 30 or more points in every game and had to forfeit the last game of the season against Boyne City.

But the Bucks haven’t quit or been discouraged by the lack of on-field success. Instead, head coach Steve Bednarik said he’s been impressed by how committed his players were to improving in the offseason.

“Summer participation was spot on,” Bednarik said. “Kids were there everyday [and at] all the 7-on-7’s. It was good to see. The kids’ attitudes are great and that makes us as coaches — it’s easier for us if those kids’ attitudes are good coming into practice everyday  and they’re excited to be there.”

Roscommon starts its season Aug. 26th against Grayling. The Grayling game and the season finale against Boyne City are the only non-conference games on the Bucks’ schedule.