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Pickford Expects Another Strong Season in Football

PICKFORD – The Pickford Panthers have made the 8-man state playoffs each of the past three years, winning the state championship in 2019.

Last season, the Panthers went 7-2 in the regular season (6-1 if you account for a game they won via forfeit and another they lost via forfeit). However, they lost in the first round of the playoffs to Newberry, a team the Panthers had beaten during the regular season.

Pickford returns two of its three starting offensive lineman.

Head coach Josh Rader, in his 20th season, said he’s confident in the guys up front and believes his skill position players will be able to handle the flexible roles he throws at them.

“Our quarterback does a lot of running and we’re going to be depending heavily on Brayden Altoft and Seth Miller in the backfield being able to carry the ball,” Rader said. “Also our quarterbacks [must be] able to throw it a little bit as well. You have to play a couple different roles in 8-man football.”

“Rader and Coach Kangas have really taught us all the positions well,” said senior Brayden Altoft. “We need to learn everything, [we’re focused on] really getting the plays down and making us feel comfortable at each position.”