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MHSFCA Looks to Start Girls Flag Football League This Spring

The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association is interested in starting a girls flag football league this spring, and the association is checking to see how much interest there would be across the state.

“We know that there (are) girls and women that are interested in football and really don’t have opportunity to participate in an organized program, and so this is a way to do that,” MHSFCA Executive Director Scott Farley said.

This week, the MHSFCA sent out a survey to head coaches in the state of Michigan to see how many girls would be interested in playing flag football this spring, and they are looking to hear back in the next two weeks.

“We’ll get that feedback over the next week or so, and we’ll have a better gauge on how many schools will have interest,” Farley said. “And it might also be a situation where maybe they’re not interested for this spring because they don’t have enough time to get it around but may have interest in future years.”

Once they find out that information, they will determine if a season can be put together and how it would be put together.

“We need to see what the interest is, and then kind of match the format to how many schools there are. The flag game isn’t really a once-a-week, one game a week kind of a deal. Oftentimes, they’re tournament format,” said Farley, who also said they’re looking to start games in mid-April and end the season during Memorial Day weekend.

Multiple states offer flag football as an option for a girls sport, and the MHSFCA wants to see it come to Michigan.

“I think it’s a growing kind of an emerging sport and we want to help bring it to the state of Michigan,” Farley said.