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Traverse City’s Dy Sisters Prepare for Michigan PGA Women’s Open

TRAVERSE CITY — Traverse City’s Anika and Anci Dy are two of the best young golfers in the state and the sisters are now preparing for the 2021 Michigan PGA Women’s Open at Crystal Mountain next week.

When it comes to the Open, Anika is the veteran and Anci the rookie, but it’s always a sibling rivalry for these two tough competitors.

“It’s always fun to see who can come out on top, especially getting older our games get pretty close now,” University of Michigan junior Anika Dy said. “Before it might have been like one person wins more than another, but as we get older it gets more and more competitive so another good test for us and a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.”

“It’s helped me a lot and I think it helps her too. I mean just constantly having somebody here at practice to push you is also really good,” TC West alum Anci Dy said. “And even somebody just to keep you in check too sometimes. But we have fun and that’s the biggest thing too is that we’ve not only grown competitively, but we’ve also grown as enjoying the game as well together which is really cool.”

Anika won the Women’s Open in 2019, becoming the youngest winner in history at age 17. Anci is now following in her sister’s footsteps, moving on from junior tournaments to amateurs.

The pair are playing in their second Michigan Open together and for the first time since 2015.

“If we both do good it’s even better, but it’ll be exciting to be there both again,” Anika Dy said.

“I’m looking forward to like the amateurs stuff, women’s side of things because that’s where all the college players are at and it’s definitely a little bit of a higher competition and I’m excited for it and ready for the challenge.”

Anika is going into her junior year at the University of Michigan, while Anci will be a freshman at the University of Indianapolis in the fall.

“I’ve really learned to just take each tournament for what it is and make the most out of it,” Anika Dy said.

“I like my summer schedule too because it matches well with hers, so we get to travel together, a lot of sister time this summer. And i think it’s just like after every single round i know she’s gonna be there for me, like I’m gonna be there for her and so whether it’s good or bad we have each other this summer,” Anika Dy said.

The first round of the Michigan Women’s Open begins June 28.

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