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MHSAA Suspends Fall Practices as Teams Wait for Testing Program

The MHSAA announced on Tuesday that it has adjusted its schedule for the fall sports postseason after receiving more details from the MDHHS on the pilot rapid testing program for COVID-19, which will suspend practices immediately.

Under the testing program, teams will have to conduct webinars to train school personnel involved in the testing process, which will take place from Dec. 28-29. The schools are also expected to receive these tests by Tuesday, Dec. 29. If the tests are received and everything has been administered by Wednesday, Dec. 30, teams can begin practice again.

The MHSAA is working on updating the competition dates to better reflect the testing schedule. Currently, football is scheduled to start on Jan. 2 and volleyball to start on Jan. 5. Girls swimming and diving is scheduled for Jan. 15-16.

The MHSAA Representative Council pushed back their meeting to Wednesday. They were originally supposed to meet Tuesday to discuss the winter sports season. A member of the council said that there will be a decision made tomorrow regarding winter sports. Ski teams are currently the only teams allowed to practice and they still can under this new update from the MHSAA.

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