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MHSAA Releases Updated Fall Tournament Schedule

With three fall high school sports tournaments remaining, the MHSAA has released their latest plan to move forward for football, volleyball, and swimming and diving.

The original pause on sports came on November 18. They began practice on December 21-22 under the order from the MDHHS that required rapid testing for each team to participate. The testing program will uses BinaxNOW antigen tests that give results within 15 minutes.

An immediate pause was issued on December 22 after receiving more details on the pilot program.

The MHSAA has announced that on December 28, football teams can begin non-contact practice. Once they do their first round of rapids testing and get their negative tests, teams can begin full-contact practice.

The first round of tests are expected to be administered on December 30.

They also released the updated schedule for football, which pushes the schedule back one week than originally planned.

Here’s how the schedule breaks down:

January 9

  • 11-player regionals, 8-player semifinals

January 16

  • 11-player semifinals, 8-player finals

January 22-23

  • 11-player finals

Volleyball still has to complete quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, while swimming and diving only has their finals.

The epidemic order from MDHHS is set to expire on January 15, and if it is extended, volleyball and swimming and diving will have to be part of the pilot program of rapid testing to practice and compete. However, if the epidemic order expires, then they can play and practice without doing the rapid testing.

The MHSAA says the two tournaments would be completed no later than January 30.

The MHSAA also says “specific plans and dates for volleyball and girls swimming & diving practice resumption and MHSAA tournaments will be finalized and shared with competing schools in early January.”