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Petoskey Ski Team Preps For Season

PETOSKEY – High school ski teams are the one winter sport that still got the go-ahead to practice after the epidemic order was issued that paused high school sports.

Petoskey’s ski team is one that took the slopes for practice once they were able.

“I’m just pumped, I think we’re all pumped just to be here its great,” said Lauren Rothman. “I think I can speak for the team when I say that the mood is just really grateful, we’re really excited for the opportunity, and we can show everyone that we can be flexible and patient and work really hard.”

Both the boys and girls team will be lead by new coaches this year, husband and wife duo Ben and Jennifer Crocket. They take over two successful programs, with multiple state championships between them.

“Petoskey Ski Team has a huge legacy, we have won the title many times and I hope that we can add to that as a group and as a team and we can work really hard and be in a position that we can compete for it again this year,” said Ben Crocket.

“I’m just super excited to be coaching a team sport and you know like I said, being back with Petoskey Ski Team has been just a really exciting opportunity for me,” added Jennifer Crocket.

Skiing has many of the same protocols in place like social distancing, wearing masks, and temperature checks, but Petoskey says they are prepared for the obstacles.

“It is a little different you know having to wear masks while we’re on the course and making sure we’re being socially distanced while we’re standing around and of course the delays coming into the season and taking so long to get started, but overall everyone is just happy to be out and overall just really looking good,” Will Goelz.

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