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I-500 Race Committee Continues Discussions on 2021 Race Plans

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SAULT STE. MARIE – The I-500 snowmobile race is just two months and its committee is continuing discussions on how it can ensure the 53rd edition of the race takes place in February.

As of now, the I-500 race committee has established and submitted a COVID-19 protocol plan to Sault Ste. Marie city officials and local health departments.

The race committee is still waiting to make a final decision on the race week as it continues to take the fluid situation that is the COVID-19 pandemic into consideration.

“We have to do what’s right,” I-500 chairman Ric Federau said. “Some people are going to swear by us and some people are going to swear at us, and we understand that. We just hope the public and everyone involved realizes that this isn’t a decision we make alone, it’s based on the fundamentals of safety and awareness of what’s going on with this virus. I just want people to understand we’re all in this together.”

The race committee is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, Dec. 10.


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