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MHSAA Releases Guidelines for Football Practice

With the 2020 high school football season set to begin in just over a week when preseason camps commence, the Michigan High School Athletic Association has released a new set of guidelines.

The week of Aug. 10-16 is referred to as “Acclimatization Week.” As part of its COVID-19 guidelines, the MHSAA has prohibited scrimmages and practice sessions between other schools this year.


What is allowed for the Week of Aug. 10:

  • Footballs
  • Helmets
  • Agility equipment: Bags, ropes, balls, boxes, chutes and gauntlet machines
  • Hand shields/ hand-held dummies
  • Blocking and tackling sleds
  • Skill work can include 7-on-7, handoffs, quarterback-center exchanges, etc.
  • Any team, group or positional meetings should be held outdoors with physical distancing or be held virtually until indoor facilities are open
  • Sanitize equipment as frequently as possible during practice sessions
  • No single practice session should exceed three hours
  • Total practice time for days with multiple practice sessions should not exceed five hours

What is NOT allowed for the Week of Aug. 10:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Lower body pads with football pants

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