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Baseball Unites the May Family

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Baseball has long been a sport that unites families, and that’s no exception for the May family of the Upper Peninsula.

For brothers Elijah and Isaiah, father Steve, and cousins Jacob and Travis May, baseball has always been a part of their lives. And recently, all five Mays could be found together on the same diamond.

Elijah and Isaiah are a coach and player, respectively, for the Mackinaw Muddogs and faced off against cousins Jacob and Travis while father Steve served as the game’s home plate umpire.

“It’s really a unique situation and should be a lot of fun,” Steve May said. “I come from a big family and really back in the day one time we had a softball team we created that was myself and my cousins and there was 10 Mays on one team. That was an interesting season as well. We’ve had something like this before, but not in this unique situation where you have umpire, coach and players.”

Elijah and Isaiah have even followed in their dad’s footsteps in becoming umpires, attributing all of their baseball knowledge to the man that taught them the game.

“He is the kind of guy that knows his rule book inside and out, so if you ever have a question he’s the guy on the field you want to be umping with because there is never a situation he is unprepared for,” Elijah May said. “He is a great guy to train me coming up through and a great guy to train Isaiah as well. And I feel prepared to umpire and officiate as a product of that.”

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