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Progress Being Made on Chippewa Champions Center

MOUNT PLEASANT – Last season, Central Michigan football fans saw steel beams in the endzone at Kelly/Shorts stadium and a construction site.

Now halfway through 2020, the full image of the Chippewa Champions Center is coming together.

“We had a slight delay with COVID-19 but they sped up some of even that process to get us back on schedule to be ready,” said Zyzelewski Family Associate VP and Director of Athletics, Michael Alford.

The project was delayed three weeks due to the coronavirus, but everything is back on track with an expected opening on September 4th, a day before the first home game of the 2020 season.

“Well it’s going to be a transformational project not only for the athletic department for all of campus and I would even throw in the city of Mt Pleasant,” added Alford. “Just the entertainment factor the ability to use the different entertainment spaces during non games to really just showcase what we have to offer.”

The center will house the football team and coaches’ locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and a workout facility and recovery area for all student-athletes. They will have state-of-the-art equipment and technology for their athletes.

For the fans, they’ll have the best seat in the house on game days.

“It was built for fan engagement, we’re standing now on the patio of the Isabella Bank VIP club and this is going to be the best sports bar in Michigan on game days with the televisions, the technology we have in there the ability for the glass to open on a beautiful day like it is today it’s going to be the best area you could possibly be in and the Loge boxes we were up there, has the best view of the stadium,” said Alford.

There are 16 Loge boxes on the second level of the center for game days that are already sold out. There is also the Isabella Bank VIP Club which has room inside and outside.

If you would like to be in the VIP Club, there are opportunities to tour the club for yourself and reserve your spot.

“Contact the Chippewa Athletic Fund, like behind me we just did some tours with some fans that are looking to get in here. We’re almost sold out, we’re getting really close, so contact the Chippewa Athletic Fund, because one thing about this facility is we want to keep it so we have space to walk around,” said Alford.

When not used for game days, the space will serve as meeting and event space for students and staff.

If you want to reserve your spot, you can contact the Chippewa Athletic Fund at 989-774-6680 or email

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