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Senior Spotlight: Boyne City’s Behling Gives New Meaning to ‘Multi-Sport Athlete’

MISportsNow is putting the spotlight on northern Michigan high school senior student-athletes who had their seasons cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

BOYNE CITY – Boyne City senior Josee Behling gives new meaning to the term ‘multi-sport athlete.’

Behling recently wrapped up a prep career that saw her participate in six varsity sports at Boyne City.

It began when Behling embarked on her freshman year and thought she had to choose between softball and track and field in the spring. Behling found a way to compete in both.

“My coaches and I, we sat down and we ended up working it out so that I could do softball, and run track,” she said. “On the conflicting date’s day, they would work out between them, like who wanted or who needed me more, like whether it’s a conference game, or if it was a big invite or something.”

A member of Boyne City’s volleyball team, Behling opted to add cross country to her resume last fall after running a great mile time.

“I called my cross country coach and I was like, ‘Hey, coach. I just did this. I think I kind of want to try cross country,’” Behling said. “So my volleyball coach, she’s like, I think that you do really well, and she’s super supportive and so I ran cross country this year.”

A basketball player, Behling decided to give bowling a try this past winter.

“Bowling was something that I always wanted to try because we just got a bowling team a couple years ago,” she said. “I loved it, the meets, they were super fun it was a different it was a different crowd that I wasn’t used to, and it’s super competitive.”

As Behling prepares to head off to college, she’ll continue her athletic career as a two-sport athlete on Michigan State’s cross country and track and field programs.

“I’m going to miss all my sports, for sure, even the ones that I did this year for the first time like bowling and cross country,” Behling said. “I’m not saying goodbye to cross country, which is good. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet in college. They just want me to run for them. That’s all I know, I’m excited to say the least. I’m very excited, but it’s going to be a hard adjustment.”

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