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Arnold Palmer’s Legacy Lives On In Northern Michigan

Shortly after Rory McIlroy won the 2016 PGA Tour Championship and FedEx Cup the golf world learned of Arnold Palmer’s passing; a pioneer in the sport who is being remembered at courses around northern Michigan.

Arnold Palmer left a lasting impact on golf  whether it was playing on the course or designing them.

That impact extended to northern Michigan where he helped Shanty Creek and Manitou Passage become two of the best courses in the state and prime destinations for golfers around the nation.

David Priver, a tourist who came to northern Michigan from California just to golf at Manitou Passage Golf Course says, “It’s a great loss to the game, but I feel like I owe him a lot and one of the things I owe him is playing at a wonderful course like this.”

Roger Gieseck, the head golf-pro at Shanty Creek in Bellaire says, “It was a big deal back in that day. I mean to have a golf course named ‘The Legend’ after The King. I mean he could have very well been nicknamed the Legend I suppose. But it was pretty good to have him here and showcasing Shanty Creek.”

Designed by Palmer in 1986 “The Legend” course at Shanty Creek was named the best course by the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association in 2015.

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