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Beal City Reloading, Not Rebuilding in 2016

BEAL CITY – Few small school football programs have been as dominant as Beal City. And that didn’t change in 2015 with first-year coach and alum Brad Gross.

The Aggies didn’t skip a beat under Gross, finishing 9-2 while sharing a Highland Conference title with McBain and advancing to the postseason for the 16th consecutive year.

"I think at Beal City, we have a luxury where everybody kind of wants to play football.  So I’m sure that the schools that only have 15-16… I mean, it’s a benefit to us,” Gross said. “Hopefully, in late games where we can wear teams out with our rotations."

The Aggies will be noticeably younger this season after the graduation of all-state quarterback Tucker Gross and all-state running back Chase Rollin. That doesn’t it will be a rebounding year, though.

"There a lot of young talent at Beal City, and every single year, they just start out as freshmen, and they get better until their senior year,” senior Thomas McCann said. “With a small school, you know, everyone gets a chance."

Beal City will open its season with its traditional matchup against crosstown rival Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart on Aug. 26. The Aggies have won eight straight in the series.

Beal City also has tough non-league contests against Clare (Sept. 2), Morley Stanwood (Oct. 14) and Chippewa Hills (Oct. 21).