Two colors of cabinets in the same kitchen

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In all the magazines and on all the designer shows you see one color island with another color of surround cabinets. I think that I like the gray island with the white surround. Is this just too common right now? Should I steer away from it, is it just a fad? Is there another color combo that you are seeing coming in to style.
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9and10news Site Staff
Dec 19, 2018

Thank you for your question

When purchasing cabinets for your kitchen – there are dozens, if not hundreds of decisions you will need to make. Since the kitchen is where you will get the largest return on investment – you will want to make sure those decisions are educated ones.

Having your island cabinetry finish contrast from your perimeter cabinet finish became in-vouge over a decade ago. It still remains a very popular design element but it needs to be done correctly in order to be received as done well.

The contrasting color of your island should be very visible – meaning that if you have white perimeter cabinets and you would like to use a grey hue on the island – that grey should be very stark in contrast. If you do a light grey it may be hard to distinguish from your perimeter cabinets – which means, you will have missed your design intent. A word to the wise – do not mix and match your two colors in your light rail or your top molding – this design element comes across as a touch to amateur.

The best professional application for this process is to do painted perimeter cabinetry and a stained natural wood on the island. Also – try breaking up your countertops too. Use one material (or color) for the perimeter and another material (or color) for the island. I like to use butcher-block on the island – which looks fantastic and is great for the chef in the family.

Thanks again for your question!

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