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Shane, I was watching the episode where you were in the UP with the architect guy. The house was beautiful! Did you use Travertine in the kitchen? I love the look of Travertine but was told it was not good in a kitchen application, but was not told why. What are your thoughts? Where is the best application for this beautiful stone?
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9and10news Site Staff
Dec 17, 2018

Thank you for your question regarding what type of tile was used inside the Marquette home that was designed by RG Design.

As it turns out – the architects didn’t specify any “travertine” tile for this particular home. The tile that was used was a man-made material called “Ergon”. Ergon is an engineered stone. An engineered stone is manufactured with real stone particulates and chemical binders that adhere the material together. Benefits of engineered stone – it is harder than real stone and it has precise edges (known as rectified), allowing for tighter grout lines. Natural stone has edges that are less precise and can even be “cobbled”, which means that they are rough and jagged.

Travertine is a natural stone that is very porous and soft, full of natural pits and fissures that attract dirt and stains. Many people love the look of this natural stone and it is actually even revered because of these pits and holes. However, over time – travertine can start to look dingy and worn.

The beautiful characteristics of this tile can play a part in both contemporary as well as traditional design. Those who like traditional design will use the tile as is – letting nature play its part in the natural process of aging. Those who prefer a more contemporary design will have the holes in the tile filled with a color matched resin which will make the tile smoother and easier to care for. Filling the holes is the most common practice in the tile world.

You can use travertine in any space of your home – wet or dry areas. The determining factor for you will be – what is your design style and how much do you like to clean.

Thanks for writing in and I look forward to even more questions

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