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I am looking at redoing a master bath with Gray rectangular tile. One; should it be done in a subway offset? Second is it ok to run that into the shower and use only that style tile in the whole room? or should you use boarder tile to break up the look. I want a clean and simple look. Thanks!
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9and10news Site Staff
Dec 04, 2018

Dear TV9&10,

Great question and thank you for asking.

First and foremost – when using any tile in a shower – you will need to find out if the tile is rated for use in a “wet” area. Many tiles are not rated for use inside of showers. If the tile you selected isn’t rated for a “wet” area – contact your sales associate and they will assist you in finding the correct tile.

Regarding tile installation – a 50/50 offset is very traditional in style (and most go this route). If you don’t use an offset and just install the tile row after row and end to end – the pattern will then become more contemporary in nature. When transitioning from bathroom wall to shower wall it is better to just marry the two spaces with the same tile design (no boarder) for a cohesive look. This will also allow your shower area to feel larger. Don’t forget to tile your shower curb as well.

Thanks for writing in and I look forward to hearing how the project turned out
Happy Monday

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