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Building new home on a lake, going for cottage look. White cabinets, purchased 3 pendants for island that are mix of blues, beiges, whites, mainly blue for pop of color. Not sure what kind of light above kitchen sink, a pendant, semi flush, etc. Should it be same shape as island lights or something diffetent? Thanks
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9and10news Site Staff
Jul 20, 2019

Congratulations on building a new home – what a rewarding venture!

When it comes to installing lighting in your kitchen – you have a wonderful opportunity to do something “wow”! Lighting is fun, so I challenge you to think outside of the traditional box. The (3) pendants that you purchased for the island will look amazing if they are over-scaled, which is very in vogue right now.

When deciding on the light fixture for over the sink, there are a couple variables that will assist in your decision. Is there a window on the sink wall? If there is, you need to make sure that the new fixture doesn’t block your view. How high are your ceilings? Would a surface mount get lost in the height? Determining size and style of the fixture is the fun part – don’t match anything! Do different as different is good and it says that you were willing to take a risk, which many are not willing to do. In the end – all that matters is if you like it -if you do, then it was the right selection.

Have a great Saturday!

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