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When designing my Kitchen, what are cost saving tips that you would recommend?
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9and10news Site Staff
Oct 26, 2019

As a licensed kitchen designer – I love speaking on this question. Thank you for asking!

There a number of industry tricks that one can do in order to lower costs. Some I do for my own clients. Many can be considered a trade-off – like sacrificing functionality and storage in order to save money. Only you can decide. Below are three tricks-of-the-trade that I consider to be the best cost-saving techniques in the business.

Decrease height of upper cabinets:
When designing the upper cabinets of your kitchen – don’t go all the way to the ceiling. When you reduce your upper cabinet heights from 42” high to 36” high you will see the cost savings. The savings comes from less material used in the actual box construction and the door construction.

Thermofoil door/drawer style:
Stained or painted doors and drawer styles are more expensive because the door is usually wood, which has to have a finish applied This application process of either stain or paint requires more human hands and oversight thus costing more to produce. Consider purchasing a thermofoil door and drawer style. The thermofoil method is one where a plastic type sheathing is heat formed and bonded over a MDF (medium density fiberboard) styled door/drawer. MDF is more cost effective than wood. The thermofoil option can be very aesthetically pleasing as this technique has been revolutionized offering superior durability and color options.

More doors and less drawers:
Although drawers are convenient – they do cost more to produce. There are; sides, bottoms, backs and interior drawer hardware that drive up the cost. When you go for more doors – you will see an immediate savings.

While moving forward – determine what you can live without in order to stretch your budget.

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